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ADHD Ski Sponsporing Program

Private Lessons

Class time: The teaching time of each class is 4 hours, divided into two halves, with a 1-hour break in between. Or adjust the study time according to the needs of the students.


Main ski resort: Mount St. Louis Moonstone. If you need to go to other ski resorts Lakeridge, Glen Eden, and Blue Mountains to take classes, the instructor's snow ticket needs to be provided by the students.

Instructor student ratio

Cost per person per hour (tax included)


1:1 $80/person/hour


1:2 $65/person/hour


1:3 $55/person/hour


1:4 $50/person/hour


1:5 $45/person/hour  

Group tuition of more than 6 people is $40/person/hour. There are 4 people on the double board, and 1 coach and 1 assistant coach will be arranged for more than 3 people on the veneer.

If students under the age of 6 need to arrange an additional teaching assistant, the teaching assistant fee is $30/hour.

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