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2022 Family Camping

Summer camping is an outdoor activity suitable for families and friends. It mainly involves setting up tents, lighting fires, picnics, exploring and playing in a natural environment. The following is a brief introduction to our summer camp activities:

Aerial Image of SUP

【Camp introduction】

The main content of the summer camping activity is to set up tents, make fires, picnic, explore and play in the natural environment. We will provide the necessary tents, cooking utensils, barbecue grills, tables and chairs and other equipment, so that participants can enjoy the fun of camping in a safe and convenient environment. In addition, we will also organize various outdoor activities such as hiking, night stargazing, boating, fishing, etc., so that participants can have a deeper understanding of the natural environment and appreciate the beauty of nature.

【Professional guidance】

Our professional instructors will provide participants with professional guidance and technical support during the event to help them better master camping skills and knowledge. Whether you are new to camping or a seasoned veteran, our instructors will provide personalized guidance and support based on your needs and level.

【Activity time and place】

The time and location of our summer camping activities will be announced in advance, usually held on weekends or holidays, and the locations are usually in areas with good natural environment such as Honeymoon Lake or Algonquin. Please pay attention to our event notice and register in time.

【Safety Guarantee】

We take the safety of our participants very seriously, and there will be professional coaches and rescuers in charge of all activities. We will provide each participant with suitable safety equipment, such as helmets, life jackets, etc., to ensure that they can safely carry out various activities during the event.

Friends Enjoying
SUP Yoga Trio at the Lake
Camp Fire at Night

289 Caves Rd, Warsaw, Township of Douro-Dummer, ON K0L 3A0
Latitude 44.461904, Longitude -78.131332

【Risks and Responsibilities】Need to sign the Northern Cross Outdoor Disclaimer when registering

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