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Northstar Special Needs Society: Pioneering Possibilities for Autistic Childre

NorthStar Special Needs Society (NSNS) is a non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada, founded in 2021. Our mission is to assist those with special needs, especially children with autism, in gaining intervention and therapeutic support through sports activities to promote their holistic development. We firmly believe that every child has unlimited potential, and through the power of sports, we can create more possibilities for them to shine uniquely

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At NorthStar Special Needs Society, our mission is to provide a positive and supportive environment for autistic children through sports, helping them break through in physical, social, and cognitive aspects. We are dedicated to breaking the limitations autism imposes on children's development, creating opportunities for them to build confidence, enhance social skills, improve coordination, and ultimately achieve a better quality of life


Our vision is to become a leading sports support organization for autistic children in Canada. Through innovative sports programs and comprehensive therapeutic interventions, we aim to be a trusted partner for children and families. We strive to offer customized support for each child, lighting the way on their journey of growth

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Our Achievements 

Since our establishment, NSNS has achieved many profound milestones. Since the establishment, we organized various sport courses and activities for autistic children, providing lessons to over 400 children with special needs. We have witnessed significant progress in their sports skills and enhanced social interactions. These success stories inspire us to continue moving forward, bringing hope and opportunities to more children.​

If you are a parent concerned about the development of autistic children, a professional, or someone who wishes to contribute to the diverse development of society, we sincerely invite you to join us. At NSNS, we will continue to dedicate ourselves with love, creating more possibilities for every child

Our Partners: ​

Our partners include Northern Cross Outdoor Adventures, Nutcracker Therapy, Hopewoods Psychotherapy & Consulting Services, and other organizations, registered social worker

Our Approach: ​

At NSNS, we believe that each child is unique and requires special care and attention. We provide a diverse range of sports programs for autistic children, coupled with professional interventions and therapeutic support tailored to each child's needs. Our programs aim to promote sensory development, social skills, communication abilities, and physical coordination through sports activities, fostering a sense of success and achievement in a supportive environment

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