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Aerial Playground

 Roller Skating  for Children
with Special Needs 

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Our roller skating classes are a great option if you want a fun and healthy activity to keep your child entertained over the weekend. The classes are designed to teach children with special needs on how to safely use roller skates and have fun skating on the rink. Your child will not only learn to skate but will also work on their balance and coordination and have the opportunity to make new friends. All our instructors have received ABA training to provide the most professional guidance and support to ensure your child is safe and has fun while learning to skate.

【Course Schedule】

Class Date: May 6 - June 10, six consecutive weeks

Class time: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM



【Course Fee】

$399+HST/person. Diagnosed high-functioning special needs children can participate in group lessons. For children with low-functioning special needs 1:1 private lessons, please get in touch with Benny separately (4168262819)



【Registration Method】

Please pay the full tuition fee on the website, sign the waiver and confirm the class. Limited spots are available. Payment must be received to reserve the spot., first-come, first-served. Payment will be received to confirm the class.



【Camp Address】

Angus Glen Community Centre



【Participant Ratio】

 1:4 to ensure that each participant receives adequate personal guidance and support

 1:1 private class for children with special needs.

Classes are suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 13, and we welcome both beginners and those with some experience in roller derby. Special children are also welcome, but interviews are required to ensure that our team of coaches can provide the best support for them.


Our roller skating lessons will be held at the Angus Glen Community Center, a well-equipped facility that provides a safe and comfortable environment for your child to enjoy roller skating.

During the session, our instructors will lead participants in warm-up games and teach roller skating safety instructions. Participants will also learn how to get up safely after a fall and learn basic roller skating techniques and skills.

​【Equipment preparation】

Roller skates and the necessary protective equipment need to be prepared in advance by themselves, and the coach will guide parents on how to choose to buy them.


Duck Walk

Basic Stride

Stopping - Heel Stop

A-Frame Turn

One Foot Glide

Swizzles O-frame Forward Glide

Toe Roll Center Edge One Foot Toe Glide

Lemon Drops Basic Backward Slides

Backward Swizzles

Alternating Swizzles left and right foot painting half O-slide

(After passing the basic level, there are more advanced skating and advanced skills teaching)

​【Teaching content】


  • There is no light in the cave, so you need to bring your own headlamp or flashlight. The cave is cramped, so hard-soled clothing and sneakers are required.

  • Dogs are allowed in the reserve, but must be on leash on the beach and trail

【Risks and Responsibilities】Need to sign the Northern Cross Outdoor Disclaimer when registering

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