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Aqua Yoga Parent-Child Summer Camp

【Date Selection】

Every Monday to Friday from July 10 to August 25. 10:00 AM-2:00 PM.

First period: 7/10--7/14

Second period: 7/17--7/21

3rd period: 7/24--7/28

Fourth period: 7/31--8/4

Fifth period: 8/14--8/18

Sixth period: 8/21--8/25


【Activity Venue】

Lake Wilcox Beach


【Campers Requirements】

Up to 8 people, 6 to 13 years old, Diagnosed with high-functioning special needs children can also participate.


【Course Price】 


The summer camp will be held in July-August at Lake Wilcox. Located in Richmond Hill, the camp offers the perfect setting to practice yoga in peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At this camp, you will have the opportunity to practice water yoga with other moms. Our professional yoga instructors will teach you how to practice yoga smoothly on the lake while letting you feel the beauty of nature. Water yoga not only improves flexibility and balance but also relieves stress and anxiety, allowing you to feel a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace.

Northern Cross Outdoors has arranged a water yoga parent-child summer camp for moms and kids to create an opportunity for moms and kids to do activities together. Water yoga is mainly learned in open water, such as lakes and oceans, using professional yoga SUP boards. Unlike regular land yoga, water yoga requires not only flexibility but also deep relaxation and concentration. Because it is more difficult to control the balance on the water, each movement has to cause a more profound muscle/nerve/consciousness response than on the floor/lawn, and you can get a different physical and mental feeling brought to you by nature while doing yoga training.


During the camp, you will also be able to share your experiences with other moms about your children's education, exchange ideas and make new friends. Our Northern Cross Outdoor Water Yoga Summer Camp for Moms is a relaxing, enjoyable and fulfilling program for you. Sign up for our camp today and make your summer a memorable one!

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Personal Preparation

Need to prepare suitable water shoes (water shoes), sneakers or sandals, a change of clothes, a sun hat, a loose and comfortable swimsuit, a towel, a snack, sunscreen, a water bottle

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【Risks and Responsibilities】Need to sign the Northern Cross Outdoor Disclaimer when registering

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