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Family Sailing Fun Day

Photos from previous events

The Northern Cross Outdoor Sailing Family Experience Day is a specially designed family-friendly activity for family members of all ages. The program is taught by experienced Chinese sailing instructors who will lead participants to explore the beauty and waters of Lake Ontario, learn basic sailing skills and safety knowledge, and experience the fun of water surfing toys. The instructor holds a Sail Canada Water Safety Certificate and First Aid Certificate, and can provide safety for the participants.

If you and your family enjoy the experience and would like the opportunity to sail independently on the vast expanse of the lake/sea, you can also participate in the overall training and receive the Basic Cruising Skipper / Crew Standard of Sail Canada certificate.

【Date selection】

Half Day: July 5/6/7, August 15/16/17, August 23/24/25

Full Day: Jun 4/11/26. July 14


【Activity time】.

Half Day: 6:00PM - 9:00PM

Full Day: 10:30AM - 5:30PM


【Experience Price】

Half Day: 119+HST/person, the price for children under three years old is 59+tax/person.

Full Day: 179+HST/person, the price for children under three years old is 89+tax/person


【Registration Method】

Please pay the full amount of tuition on the website, sign the waiver and then confirm the class. Limited spots are available. Payment needs to be received to reserve the spot., first-come, first-served. Payment will be received to confirm the class.

【Camp Address】

Half Day: Bluffer's Park Marin, Scarborough or Whitby Sailing Club, Whitby

Full Day: Gosport Park, Brighton, ON


Limit:5-6 people per session

Customized service

Provide family sailing experience, customized service, and flexible schedule. Please get in touch with us directly.

Half Day and Full Day Options

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    From 66.67加拿大元

By joining the Northern Cross Outdoor Sailing Family Day, you will have an unforgettable time with your family, sailing on the vast lake ontario, experiencing the fun of various water surfing toys, learning the basic skills of sailing, and getting the best water sailing experience.


  • Bring your own items: non-slip water shoes, sneakers or sandals, a change of clothes, sun hat, swimsuit (pants), sunglasses, towel, snack, sunscreen, water bottle, enough water and lunch.

  • Please inform the coach in advance if you have any allergies or health problems that need attention.

  • Outdoor sports have their own risks, so you should strictly obey the coach's instructions and listen to the coach's arrangements. If the instructor finds that a participant does not follow the rules, he/she will issue a warning. If repeated warnings are not effective, Northern Cross Outdoor has the right to suspend the participant's activity and no refund will be given.


  • There is no light in the cave, so you need to bring your own headlamp or flashlight. The cave is cramped, so hard-soled clothing and sneakers are required.

  • Dogs are allowed in the reserve, but must be on leash on the beach and trail

【Risks and Responsibilities】Need to sign the Northern Cross Outdoor Disclaimer when registering

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