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Northern Cross Outdoor & Talent Service Center 2023 First Skating Course

The Northern Cross Outdoor 2022 special children's skating project has achieved great success. In the last course, we provided skating lessons for more than 40 special children. Thanks to the hard work of the coaches of Northern Cross and the hard work of all parents Accompanied, let the children finally have the opportunity to experience the fun of skating! And while learning to skate, the overall coordination of the body, concentration, communication, physical and mental health and pleasure, and even language skills have been improved to varying degrees!

Northern Cross has the best team for these children with special needs. From 2023, Northern Cross Outdoors will continue to provide skating programs for special children in cooperation with the Gifted Service Center. Skating coaches need to be trained in ABA and First Aid&CPR for autism. Coaches have a deeper understanding of children with special needs and can provide more targeted help for children. Starting from the new year, the management and coaching team of our skating program will continue to provide more professional and excellent services for special children!

These children from the stars are indeed different from ordinary children, but they are likely to have extremely high talents in some fields! Children with autism can not only participate in various sports/outdoor sports, but even after years of hard training, children with autism have reached the podium of the Olympic Games! According to the different characteristics of each child, Northern Cross Outdoor will provide the most effective help in a targeted manner, so that they can learn more happily and progress faster, hoping to open a door for each child and lead them into a new world !

This ice skating course is mainly for special children. In order to better help special children, we specially offer group lessons for brothers, sisters, friends and parents of special children. Normal children and parents can take classes together. The course setting is divided into 1:1 private teaching class and group group class. Group classes are divided into normal group classes and group classes for high-functioning special children. Students can choose courses according to their own circumstances, and the coaches will confirm whether students in the group course for high-functioning special children can participate.

Photos from the previous course

special children

【coach】From the beginning of this course, except for special circumstances, the coach will be fixed throughout the course to ensure that childrenbuild with coachBuild long-term teaching relationships

【Course Date】Starts Saturday, March 4, 2023 and ends April 29, 2023. This course consists of 7 consecutive lessons, each 45 minutes long. The second session will continue to open after the first session ends, and everyone will be notified in advance.

[Ice Rink Name] Canlan Sports

【Ice Rink Address】159 Dynamic Dr, Scarborough, ON M1V 5L8

【Class time】Every Saturday afternoon 2:00~2:40, 2:40~3:20, 3:30~4:10, 4:10~4:50.  3:20-3 :30 is the time to clear the ice rink

【Course tuition】Registration fee is $25/person. 1:1 private teaching class is $80/class hour, and the total fee is $585/session. Group class for normal children and parents is $25/class hour, total fee is $200, group class for high-functioning children is $55/class hour, total fee is $410. High-function closed children's group classes can be up to 1:6, with one coach and two teaching assistants. Newly enrolled students need to send a doctor's diagnosis certificate to to confirm their eligibility. If the student has government funding such as OAP/SSAH, after being reviewed by the Gifted People Services BCBA, qualified students have the opportunity to use the Funding to pay tuition. If there is no government funding yet, eligible students can also contact the Talent Service Center to have the opportunity to apply for other funding subsidies.


【Leave/Refund Policy】

If a student needs to ask for leave due to illness, please tell us more than two days in advance, and we can arrange make-up classes or transfer to credit for later use. Make-up lessons and credit will not be provided for leave on the day.

The coaches of Northern Cross are caring, responsible and patient. They will adjust the teaching methods according to the different situations of each child. They must let the children experience the fun of skating while learning, and help them develop better physically and mentally. Looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of the children on the ice rink!

Aerial Image of SUP

【Camp introduction】

Warsaw Caves Nature Reserve and Campground has over 13 kilometers of hiking trails, sandy beaches, camping, canoeing and natural beauty. The wonderfully beautiful caves and low-lying potholes carved by nature have made Wasaw Caves one of the most prestigious natural adventure spots in Ontario. Warsaw Caves is a natural cave group formed during the Ice Age, consisting of 7 small caves. The winding and rugged Indian River runs through the entire reserve, providing many campers with a good opportunity for canoe exploration. The delicate sandy beach by the lake and the shoal play area extending from the water bank are enough for children as young as 3 to play games, and parents don't need to worry about it.

【Advanced course】

Advanced courses are a great option if you or your child have already mastered basic skating skills and form and want to improve their skating skills. In advanced courses, we will introduce more skills and movements, such as jumping, spinning and figure skating, so that you or your children can show their skills and charm on the ice more freely.

【Private Lesson】

If you or your child would like more personalized teaching and guidance, we offer private lessons. Private Lessons can tailor lesson content and timing to your or your child's needs and level. In private lessons, you or your child will receive more personal instruction and feedback to improve skating skills and levels faster.

ice rink location

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