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Private Lessons & Guides

private lessons


Tailor-made according to the student's situation

private appointment

Please refer to the ski price list for prices


Class time: 2 hours of teaching time for each class

Teaching ski field: We have resident instructors in Mount St. Louis Moonstone, Glen Eden, Dagmar, and Blue Mountain. If you need to go to other ski resorts to take lessons, you need to provide the instructor with a ski ticket, and the course starts from 3 hours

If there are less than 5 people in the group class, an assistant coach will be assigned as appropriate

If students under the age of 6 in the family class require additional teaching assistants, the teaching assistant fee is $30/hour

The number of people in the group class will be charged according to the actual number of people



Snowboard rental:Single and double board rental $45/set/day (snowboard, snowshoes, helmet, Goggle)


​​ Provides ski package options for friends who want to take lessons multiple times/all snow seasons

Private trainers/self-organized students can choose the package type


Each class is 2-4 hours long, you can decide the length of the class by yourself

Package discount price is 10-15% off the regular price

The class time needs to be arranged in advance to facilitate the fixed coaching time.


Package Lesson (12 hours)



All season plan

Contact us by private message

Escort service


Young coaches/experienced teaching assistants accompany skating service, up to 4 people

50/hour, starting from 3 hours

Additional $15 for each additional person

Special ski lessons for autistic children


10 hours package

In order to ensure the safety of children's skiing in the future, parents are encouraged to participate in the study

Provide a doctor's diagnosis certificate to apply for a special Founding subsidy of $300/person

Time: You can make individual appointments at any time, and you need to plan ahead and arrange a coach

Price: $800+HST/10 hours, parent discount price $500/10 hours

Location: Mount St. Louis/Glen Eden/Blue Mountain

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