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NCOA 2023 Scuba Diving
Summer Camp

The Northern Cross Outdoor Dive Camp program strictly follows PADI teaching standards and is taught in a child-friendly manner by experienced instructors with over twenty years of diving experience. The benefits of diving are not only that the fantasy world in the water brings great spiritual enjoyment but also that regular diving can develop muscles in all parts of the body, improve physical qualities such as strength, speed, endurance and flexibility, and also develop people's will to be brave, tenacious, collaborative and cautious, as well as increase intelligence, self-confidence and leadership skills, while also improving learning performance. For example, for a child in his teens, not only can learn how to install complex equipment, and master the necessary underwater survival skills. After becoming certified divers, students will find that they have learned a great deal, not just about diving, but also about physics, physiology, oceanography, and more.

【Camp Duration】

The summer dive camp is a non-consecutive four-day course. Two days of theory + pool learning, July 31 and August 1st, 10 AM-4 PM, are the theory and pool learning part, and August 8-9, two days of Gulliver Lake shore diving open water learning training and OW certificate test. September 2 boat dive to Lake Huron deep lake dive trip, Shore and boat dives will be announced at the time of the pool session




Four days theory class/pool/shore dive/dive certificate exam cost $880 + HST / person, highly recommended optional September 2 boat dive cost (including boat and equipment rental) 240 + HST / person, start the real adventure. Number of students 8, one senior dive instructor and one Dive Master in class



【Enrollment Method】

Please pay the total amount of tuition on the website, sign the waiver, and confirm the class. Limited spots are available. Payment needs to be received to reserve the spot. First-come, first-served payment is received to confirm the class.



【Camp Address】

 Scuba 2000 Diving Pool: 9033 Leslie St Unit 12, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4K3 + Gulliver Lake




The number of participants is 8.


PADI introduction

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is the world's largest organization of ocean explorers and divers and is the global dive training certification body. Operating in 186 countries, it has a global network of more than 128,000 professionals connected to 6,600 dive centers and resorts worldwide—issues more than 1 million certifications annually, with more than 29 million certificates issued to date.

This certificate is available in some provinces/states in Canada and the United States to provide assistance with university applications or credit for admission. For detailed instructions, please see


​ Lesson Objectives

Through the five-day training and boat dive trip to understand the history of diving, theoretical knowledge of diving, the learning tasks of each stage, under the guidance of the instructor, master the skills of diving and related safety knowledge points after completing the assessment of each step to obtain the PADI certified Open Water Diver (OW) / Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW) qualification and finally can dive in the world's oceans/lakes independently.

Scuba Training in Swimming Pool
Scuba Diver


Course Content

Develop the ability to be neutrally buoyant with good buoyancy control and to stay free in the water like a fish. Learn how to use a compass on the sea floor and develop the skills needed to dive underwater. Let children understand their body structure, master the trick of breathing freely underwater, and through underwater training, let children experience and master the freedom of control in the aquatic environment.


Course Schedule

The summer dive camp is a non-consecutive five-day course. There will be two days of theory + pool study (time/location to be determined), two days of Gulliver Lake open water diving training and OW certification exam on August 8-9, and a boat trip to Lake Huron on September 2. After all the students are confirmed, we will set up a chat group for the course, and all the details will be introduced clearly in the group.

Underwater Photography
Scuba Equipment


Personal Preparation

【Camper Health Requirements】

10 years old and above, parents can also enroll. Guardian to fill out the health declaration form and waiver. Basic swimming ability, physical health, no major open surgery within six months, otitis media, asthma, epilepsy, and heart disease patients can not participate.

【Equipment preparation】

Diving goggles/water shoes/snorkel/flippers/diving suit and other personal items are recommended to buy in advance; we can recommend a discount package. There will be a significant discount. Diving goggles and snorkel must use their water shoes/flippers/diving suit can also pay extra to rent (40 / day/person). We provide professional diving equipment such as cylinders/regulators/BCDs/all and are included in the camp fee.


  • The cave has no light, so you must bring your headlamp or flashlight. The cave is cramped, so hard-soled clothing and sneakers are required.

  • Dogs are allowed in the reserve but must be on leashes on the beach and trail.

【Risks and Responsibilities】Need to sign the Northern Cross Outdoor Disclaimer when registering

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