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Northern Cross Outdoor Family/Group Boating Day

If you're looking for a beautiful outdoor activity to spend a summer weekend, then you won't want to miss Northern Cross Outdoor Family Boating Day! You can enjoy the beautiful lake views, learn and experience a variety of boating safety and boating skills. Spend a few hours here and there with your family and friends.

【Event Dates】

Every weekend from June 24 throughout the summer



【Activity Time】

From 2 hours, you can choose from 2-4 hours in length



【Experience Price​】

The price for 2 hours is $45+HST/person/hour, the price for 3 hours or more is $35+HST/person/hour. The fee includes the instructor fee and the use of various boats/paddles rental. Students are advised to use their own life jackets, and we can provide them for free if they don't have one.


【Camp Address】

Lake Wilcox Beach (A friendly reminder: Lake Wilcox parking lot for non-Richmond Hill residents requires a fee. (You can look up some nearby school parking lots). Special order can be made according to your requirements coach with equipment to other rivers / lakes


【Number of people required】

4 people or more, you can also join the collocation class, coach student ratio 1:4-8 people,. The number of people more than 8, we will increase the coach. Families who do not have time on weekends or group activities of more than 15-20 people can specialize in booking, we will provide enough boats and coaches, booking requires more than 3 hours.

Lake Wilcox is a beautiful lake conveniently located in Richmond Hill, making it a great summer boating spot. You can enjoy the fresh air and crystal clear water of the lake and enjoy the views along the way to make the most of your weekend. Family boating days are available from June to August, when the weather is warm and the lake is the perfect temperature. You can enjoy boating on the lake with your family and friends while enjoying the scenery.

  • For boats, we offer a number of different options including canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle board SUPs to suit your different needs. The canoe is a family-friendly boat that can accommodate multiple people paddling at the same time, making it ideal for families with young children. Kayaks, on the other hand, are more for those who want some challenge and allow you to paddle more quickly. Stand-up paddleboards are a new type of boat, perfect for those who want to try something new while also allowing you to exercise.

Image by Subtle Cinematics
Image by Nazarizal Mohammad

On family/group paddling days, we provide safety equipment, boat rentals, and training to ensure you have a safe and fun paddle on the water. Our staff are experienced instructors who will make sure you have the best possible experience while paddling. Some people are afraid to get into the water because they are worried that they can't swim, we will provide professional life jackets and will ensure your safety under the guidance of professional instructors with extensive experience. Everyone from 2 years old to over 70 years old can experience the fun of rafting on the lake.

Personal Preparation

Shoes suitable for walking in the water (water shoes are a better choice, but Walmart and Canadian Tire $20 or less is best not to buy), sunscreen, swimsuit or beach pants, Snack, water, towel, beach chairs, glasses need glasses ties if you wear glasses.

Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri
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  • There is no light in the cave, so you need to bring your own headlamp or flashlight. The cave is cramped, so hard-soled clothing and sneakers are required.

  • Dogs are allowed in the reserve, but must be on leash on the beach and trail

【Risks and Responsibilities】Need to sign the Northern Cross Outdoor Disclaimer when registering

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