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The Northern Cross Autism Children's Foundation (NCACF) aims to help Children with Autism to develop both positive mental and physical health outcomes by providing various outdoor and educational activities. By providing inclusive events, this will encourage a brighter future for the children have a community in which they belong and can grow to be active citizens. We believe that every Child with Autism has the right to build happy childhood memories.


The NCACF Autistic Children's Foundation was established at the end of 2021 to help autistic children develop positively and benefit their physical and mental health by providing a variety of outdoor and educational activities. By providing these activities, autistic children and their families are encouraged to integrate into a community of their own and try as many possibilities as possible, thereby creating a brighter future for them. We believe that every child with autism has the right to have happy childhood memories.


In the 2021 snow season, we have successfully held ski lessons for autistic children and achieved great success! Parents reported that some autistic children who participated in our skiing courses have greatly improved their concentration in learning, some have made significant progress in physical health and happiness, and some have even improved in language function. All of them have achieved unexpected results...


Next, we will arrange more outdoor courses and educational courses for autistic children, such as ice skating, SUP skating, coding courses, art courses and so on. We will give the most effective help according to the different characteristics of each child, so that they can study and live happily! Slowly help them open up the small world in their hearts, let a lot of joy and love flow in, open up a wider starry sky for them, and let them soar in it!


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