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NCOA 2023 Sailing
Summer Camp

【Certificate of Qualification】

At the end of the summer camp, students who pass the exam will receive the Basic Cruising Skipper / Crew Standard of Sail Canada

【Camp Duration】

The camp will be held in three sessions, Each session is 4 days + 1 day upgrade, the first day from 1 pm to 8 pm to learn the use of night lights, the next four days from 10 pm to 5 pm.
Session 1: 7/4 - 7/7 
Session 2: 8/14 - 8/17
Session 3: 8/22 - 8/25


【Activity Fee】.

Course including four consecutive days of sailing course price $780 + HST, Additions to the summer sailing camp: September 9th, 10 AM-4 PM Large sailing experience Location: Mimico Cruising Club, 180 + tax/person


【Registration Method】

Please pay the full tuition fee on the website, sign the waiver and confirm the course. Limited spots are available. Payment needs to be received to reserve the spot. First come, first-served. Payment will be received to confirm the class.


【Camp Address】

Scarborough Bluffs Marina /Mimico Cruising Club



Each camp has an enrollment of 5 campers, ages 8 and up, and parents are welcome to attend. Upgrade to a large sailboat for 10-12 people...


Camp introduction

Northern Cross Outdoor Sailing Camp is held at Lake Ontario Bluffer's Park. The camp is taught by Peter Li, the only Chinese sailing instructor in Ontario, and his assistant, who holds a Sail Canada Water Safety Certificate and a First Aid Certificate. The Basic Cruising Skipper / Crew Standard of Sail Canada is awarded to all students who pass the exam after the course. The Basic Cruising Standard is one of the most comprehensive and highly valued courses. This certificate can be used for college application assistance or credit for admission in specific provinces/states in Canada and the United States.


​training content

This is a four-day junior sailing certification camp divided into three parts: theoretical study, theoretical assessment, practical operation and assessment. Students who successfully pass all the examinations will receive a junior sailing captain certificate issued by Sail Canada, and campers who fail all the reviews but pass some core competency assessments will receive a junior sailing sailor certificate.

In the theoretical part, we will provide students with the textbook Basic Cruising Skills (primary sailing skills), written by Gillian West and customized by Sail Canada. This book is full of pictures and texts, comprehensively and deeply describes the vocabulary of sailing and related equipment and sailing theory in detail, and also introduces the safety equipment required or recommended by Transport Canada and Sail Canada. Outboard engines, essential marine traffic radio specification operation, primary navigation, and climatic considerations are also discussed. Based on the knowledge introduced in the theoretical part, the course arranges more than 20 hours of practical practice and assessment. Students will practice completing sailing tasks such as leaving and entering the port on a 6-9 meter long ship, sailing with an external engine, using proper nouns for sailing parts and controls, raising and lowering sails, rescuing crew members falling into the water, anchoring and lifting.

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Target Results

Those who pass the test at the end of the training will have the ability to do Day Sailing and can join most sailing clubs using 20'-30' foot sailing boats.


Personal Preparation

Water, water shoes, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, personal items, and lunch, bring your own life jacket if you have one, if not we will provide it.

Sailing Race



Bring your own items: non-slip water shoes, sneakers or sandals, a change of clothes, sun hat, swimsuit (pants), towel, snack, sunscreen, water bottle, enough water and lunch

Please make sure your child gets enough sleep and rest every night

Please inform the coach in advance if you have any allergies or need to be careful.

Outdoor sports have their own risks, so please obey the instructor's instructions and follow the instructor's arrangements. If the coach finds that the students do not follow the rules, he/she will warn them. If repeated warnings are not effective, Northern Cross Outdoor has the right to suspend the students' activities without refund.

In case of heavy rain, wind, lightning and other bad weather, we will adjust the activities appropriately.

【Risks and Responsibilities】Need to sign the Northern Cross Outdoor Disclaimer when registering

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