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2022 Warsaw Cave Camping


【Camp introduction】

Warsaw Caves Nature Reserve and Campground has over 13 kilometers of hiking trails, sandy beaches, camping, canoeing and natural beauty. The wonderfully beautiful caves and low-lying potholes carved by nature have made Wasaw Caves one of the most prestigious natural adventure spots in Ontario. Warsaw Caves is a natural cave group formed during the Ice Age, consisting of 7 small caves. The winding and rugged Indian River runs through the entire reserve, providing many campers with a good opportunity for canoe exploration. The delicate sandy beach by the lake and the shoal play area extending from the water bank are enough for children as young as 3 to play games, and parents don't need to worry about it.


July 23-24, 2022

【 cost】

$78+HST/person, entrance fee of $18/car to enter the reserve


【 Place】

289 Caves Rd, Warsaw, Township of Douro-Dummer, ON K0L 3A0
Latitude 44.461904, Longitude -78.131332

【 Campers】

Each summer camp enrolls 10-12 people, and the campers are 6-15 years old. The summer camp will be equipped with 1 head coach + 1-2 assistant coaches according to the situation​


  • camping

  • caving

  • Hiking

  • Indian River Canoe

  • Kayak

  • SUP water sports

  • bonfire party, etc.



All activities are led by experienced tour leaders from Northern Cross Outdoors



  • There is no light in the cave, so you need to bring your own headlamp or flashlight. The cave is cramped, so hard-soled clothing and sneakers are required.

  • Dogs are allowed in the reserve, but must be on leash on the beach and trail

【Risks and Responsibilities】Need to sign the Northern Cross Outdoor Disclaimer when registering

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